The focus of M&V Bojanić is to create memorable, possibly life changing, travel experiences for our guests through our small-group, driving vacations. Additionally, we are a travel agency. Our greatest expertise is in the regions we visit with our tours as well as most of Montenegro, where we live. We often provide travel services to our guests for personal travel planning before or after tours with M&V Bojanić. We are also happy to assist other travel needs.

The services of a good M&V Bojanić can be invaluable in terms of helping you save time and money, avoid pitfalls, and make the best informed choices for your vacation. As with other professionals, you turn to a Travel Agents for their time, expertise, advice & resources.

Travel Agents are paid through a combination of service fees from their clients, and commissions from their suppliers, including most hotels, tour companies, cruise lines, etc. Our client fees are based on the time and complexity of the arrangements, and the level of commission that the suppliers pay to the Agent.